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5 Good Reasons To Use Video To Deliver Training

There are a number of very compelling reasons why more companies and organisations should be using video in their training plans. Here are just 5 benefits of using video to train your staff:

1. Consistency

If you have a large number of people receiving the same training, it is essential that they are all receiving the same messages. With traiining often spread out across many weeks or months there can be differences between the training delivered. Often this is because different trainers have different styles. Video training courses deliver consistency because each trainee is receiving exactly the same instruction. The variables of group size, trainers and other factors is immediately removed.

2. Flexibility

With video you can deliver training anytime and anywhere. Freeing people up from their day to day work is not always easy. This can mean training gets pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities. With video training modules, the trainee can absorb the information when and where it is convenient. They can also work through the training at whatever pace suits them. It is even possible to have a Frequently Asked Questions section and a forum on the company website so questions can be easily answered.

3. Cost

To deliver training you usually need to hire in the trainers, hire equipment and the room where it will be hosted. Video is a one-off cost. Once it is uploaded or burned to DVD it is ready to deliver training at no extra cost.

4. Quality

If all the energy goes into the video, it should deliver a highly polished, effective training tool. Perhaps the “big guns” or experts on the particular topic can be brought in as contributors. They would not agree to turn up in person at every training session, but a one-off interview may be a good use of their time. The video can be revised and re-edited until it is of the highest quality.

5. Timeless

With conventional training, it happens live and then it is over. Video can be used again and again for newly hired staff, to refresh the knowledge of existing staff and as a record of what staff have been taught to do. If the messages have a long shelf life, the video can be the gift that keeps on giving.

This is not to say that training with real-life trainers is not worthwhile. It is just that these days this is increasingly difficult for many companies and organisations to afford in both time and money. That is why video is increasingly being used as a powerful tool to deliver training.