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April 2015

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If there is one thing I have learned in my time in the media industry, it's that if you do not update your skills consistently, your days are numbered.   For those who do not think EVERYONE needs to learn video skills, this is a wake-up call.   There was a time when broadcasters had typing pools.  Specialist typists would work on typewriters so that programmes could have scripts and any other written documents they needed.  Can you imagine a newsroom today that would accept a journalist who could not even type their own script?  Typing is now a baseline skill that everyone

There is a tipping point at which a movement really takes off.  The Mojocon 2015 conference in Dublin felt like just such a pivotal moment.  Hosted by RTE,  it brought together mobile journalists, filmmakers and media professionals from around the globe.  Here are just 7 things that struck me in the two days I was at Mojocon. 1. It's not just about iPhones             (Neill Barham, Filmic Pro) One big scoop from Mojocon was an announcement by Neill Barham, the man behind the Filmic Pro App. He said they were testing an Android equivalent of the app which gives users a professional level of control over the camera