It doesn’t matter if you are a business or a news organisation, we are all in the business of content creation now. Whether it is for a news programme or to attract more clients, content is key.  

You must be able to make video content which is engaging, connects with your audience and achieves your goals. We have taken the best practice from both the world of broadcasting and online video to fine-tune our training offering. We know the step-by-step techniques that can turn a novice into a skilled content creator in a very short space of time. We have trained literally thousands of people at major players like the BBC and the European Broadcasting Union.

We know how to match the technical side of video with the massively important storytelling techniques that will get results. There are formulas that work and we can teach them to you. Video has been shown to engage audiences faster and be more memorable. It also increases conversions for businesses looking to sell products or services.  So get in touch and turn you and your team into high-quality content creators. 

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