Our iPhone video for journalists course has been a huge success with broadcasters, charities and businesses across Europe.  Smartphones and tablets are incredibly powerful  tools for gathering video, photos and audio content.  We have trained journalists to shoot and edit video packages on their iPhones, which have in turn been broadcast on flagship national news programmes.

Every single journalist or content creator is walking around with a mobile device.  With just a bit of training and advice on apps and accessories, they can be a real asset to any organisation.

We know what it takes to get the best out of iPhones and Android mobile devices. It is not just about the button-pressing though. With the right mindset, methodology and skills, you can create quality, engaging content using just your iPhone. What is more, you can edit it in the field and feed it back. All this would have cost a small fortune even just a few years ago.

We have also provided training for radio reporters wanting to record and edit audio, and report live from the scene of the story.

In our courses you will learn:

* The basics of filming with a smartphone

* The tricks the pros use to get good pictures out of any camera.

* How to shoot to use the smartphone to its full potential.

* The apps that let you make great video content, quickly and easily.

* What makes a video work and how you can get it right every time.

* Getting the best workflow for your iPhone video.

* Understanding video audiences.

If you need training for you or your team, get in touch now. Contact us for a free quote.